Bountiful Harvest Alien RPG Adventure Part 1

Free League Publishing (Mutant: Year One, Coriolis, Forbidden Lands. Tales from the Loop) are releasing an ALIEN tabletop role playing game in December.
I started with this summary of the system and then tried their preview scenario, 'Chariot of the Gods'. It's a Cinematic Scenario carefully designed to be like a film, and all of my players had a good time. Players are encouraged to inhabit the characters, and push their secret agendas into conflict with other PCs. The rules keep up the tension but work against out of game friction. The results were very positive and satisfying!

With such positive results from the tutorial mission, I decided to build my own Adventure for the system. The goal is to see if the game (which is specifically built to run in the ALIEN universe) can also run horror in other contexts.

Bountiful Harvest - The fifth passenger is Death.

A ship crashes near the fishing colony of Bountiful Harvest. The colonists move quickly to rescue the crew and stop the ship from contaminating their waters, but something aboard the ship threatens everyone on the planet...

[SPOILERS] Game Master Summary

There are plot spoilers in the rest of this article. If you want to play in this Adventure instead of to run it as a GM, you should stop here.

Future articles will cover Player Characters, NPCs, and Maps.


Last Warning

The Terran Federation missile destroyer Montauk bombed a Coalition of Progressive People’s (CPP) civilian mining colony of Kisoba with neutron bombs. This type of bomb kills people while leaving infrastructure intact. The special forces Marauder Team on the Montauk landed on Kisoba to inspect the colony and damage, where they were attacked by unfamiliar aliens. The attack killed all but 4 of the Marauders.

The radiation from the Neutron bombs had triggered a secret CPP bioweapon - genetically engineered Arachnids that lay dormant until exposed to high levels of radiation. The CPP uses these on barren mining colonies to counter the Terran Federation’s neutron bombing strategy.

The 4 surviving Marauders fled back to their shuttle and evacuated the planet. Since they were heavily injured in the ambush, they went into stasis for their journey to the nearest safe haven - Bountiful Harvest.

During their mission, several Arachnids had stowed away aboard their shuttle. After the crew went into stasis, the Arachnids built a nest in the reactor room. They pillaged food from the supply store, and chewed a hole in the magazine to get neutron bomb cores to irradiate the nest.
The radiation from the perforated engine shield and neutron bomb cores caused a malfunction in Montauk’s A.I., which lead to the ship crashing on Bountiful  Harvest.

During the crash, most of the alien spores were vented into the ocean through a hull breach. They soon start reproducing and maturing into fully formed and dangerous Arachnids that to infest the planet.


Kisoba Mining Colony
Kisoba is a barren metal mining colony near the neutral zone between the Terran Federation and CPP. It is a remote, hostile system and Kisoba is the only suitable site for exploitation.
It was the target of the Terran Federation’s s neutron bombing of remote colonies with the goal to steal from them and stoke tensions between governments that the Federation wants to exploit for war.
The CPP has begun to deploy a countermeasure to the Federation’s strategy. By genetically engineering Arachnid specimens to remain dormant until exposed to a human’s lethal dose of radiation, they’ve made an effective denial tool in case of attack by fission weapons. Experiments have found that the stimulated Arachnids breed uncontrollably when given access to organic materials, so deployment of this weapon is restricted to barren planets.

Bountiful Harvest Colony
Bountiful Harvest is a new neutral colony in the space between the Terran Federation and CCP’s territory. It’s the 4th planet in the system and is 93% covered in water. The colony is a series of platforms on the equatorial continental shelf.
It was founded by Lopez to give himself and others a new life away from the Federation’s discrimination against non-citizens, and the CCP’s demands of control and bureaucracy.
Lopez partnered with both Gibson and Lane to make Bountiful Harvest a reality. Gibson diversified the colony’s economy with fishing, farming and civil planning. Lane brought initial investment and extracts hydrocarbon fuels with extensive knowledge and equipment.


Act 1:

The colonists need to recover the radioactive wreck of the Montauk before it contaminates their fishing waters. They secure the Montauk and bring it back to the colony hub. Fishing boats stop reporting in and people go missing.

Act 2:

The Marauders are revived and questioned about their mission. The colonists attempt to mitigate the Montauk's radiation.The Arachnids make it onto the colony platform and attack.

Act 3: 

The characters try figure out a way to survive the onslaught until the supply ship arrives in a day.
A Federation recovery ship arrives first with a Cleaner team to cover up the operation.

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