GM: Game Master. 

Synonym for Dungeon Master, Narrator, and many others. The GM is the player who controls Non-Player Characters, describes the environment, and runs the game. Simply, the Game Master describes what is happening around the Player Characters, and the players tell the GM what their characters do. The GM interprets those actions through the mechanics and fiction of the game, and tell the players what happens.

PC: Player Character

PCs are in game characters controlled by a player. Usually each player controls one character, and they decide how that character acts in the game.

NPC: Non-Player Character

NPCs are characters controlled by the Game Master.  Any character not controlled by a player is an NPC.

RPG: Role Playing Game

A game where the player inhabits a role and makes decisions on behalf of a fictional character inside the game world. This blog is focused on Tabletop Role Playing Games like Dungeons & Dragons, FATE, Legend of the Five Rings, and more.

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