Tarot Card Reference

Key Name Temperaments Reversed Temperaments
1 0 The Fool Trust, Innocence, Open-Minded Foolish, Naive, Reckless, Closed Minded, Distrustful
2 I The Magician Powerful, Intention, Willful, Resourceful Lacking, Intention without Action, Tricky
3 II The High Priestess Inner Wisdom, Receptive, Spiritual Secretive, Withdrawn, Ignoring Intuition, Gossip, Repressed
4 III The Empress Nurturing, Creative, Sensual, Motherly Smothering, burned out, posessive, blocked creative
5 IV The Emperor Structured, Stable, Authoritative, Fatherly Controlling, Egotistical, Giving up Power, Abusive of Power,
6 V The Hierophant Knowledgable, Conscientious, Responsible Dogmatic, Fundamentalist, Iconoclast, Unethical Teacher
7 VI The Lovers Loving, Cooperative, Sexual Uncooperative, Disconnected, Distant
8 VII The Chariot Competent, Disciplined, Determined Impatient, Undisciplined, Discouraged
9 VIII Strength Courageous, Resilient, Instinctive Compulsive, Weakness, Reactive, Fearful, Unsure
10 IX The Hermit Solitary, Introspective, Broad Perspective, Wise, Guiding Antisocial, Introverted, Lost, Lonely
11 X Wheel of Fortune Active, Dynamic, Destined, Lucky Lacking Control, Confused, Unlucky, Passive
12 XI Justice Fair, Balanced, Ethical, Lawful, Accountable Extreme, Unbalanced, Self-Centered, Unfair
13 XII The Hanged Man Submissive, Patient, Yielding, Free Procrastinating, 'Victim', Hypocrite
14 XIII Death Transforming, Cathartic, Waning, Resolute Coward, Afraid of change, Refuses to Let Go, Self Sabotaging
15 XIV Temperance Creative, Compromising, Experimental Over Compromising, Rigid, Inactive
16 XV The Devil Attached, Restricted, Committed, Limited Escaping, Quitter, Rock Bottom, Betrayer
17 XVI The Tower Shocking, Destructive, Doubtful, Chaotic Stubborn, Manipulative, Unpredictable
18 XVII The Star Optimistic, Peaceful, Pseudoscientific, Renewed Unethical Healer, Pessimist, Passive Hopeful
19 XVIII The Moon Confused, Daydreamer, Intuitive Denial, Repressed, Projecting onto Others
20 XIX The Sun Enthusiastic, Playful, Clear, Self Confident Burned Out, Attention Seeking, Serious, Fear of the Spotlight
21 XX Judgement Mature, Analytical, Busy, Rite of Passage Refuses to Change, Stuck, Numb, Insecure, Judgemental
22 XXI The World Complete, Whole, Connected Overwhelmed, Clinging to Past Success, Non Committal
23 Ace of Wands Energetic, Inspiring, Sexual, New Child Uninspired, Unfocused, Low Self Esteem, Ineffective
24 Two of Wands Choosy, Talented, Contemplative Hopeless, Unprepared, Desperate
25 Three of Wands Prudent, Planner, Beginner Apprehensive, Lacking, Low Ambition
26 Four of Wands Rewarding, Celebrating, Grateful Ungrateful, Stifling, Unhappy
27 Five of Wands Competitive, Conflicted Argumentative, Unhealthy Competition, Combative
28 Six of Wands Role Model, Praising, Self-Confident Corrupt, Arrogant, Poor Leader
29 Seven of Wands Threatening, Persevering, Enduring Powerless, Misguided, Timid
30 Eight of Wands Clever, Swift, Excited Exhausted, Overloaded, Rushed, Nervous
31 Nine of Wands Wounded, Experienced, Guarded, Inner Strength Despondent, Defensive, Doubtful
32 Ten of Wands Responsible, Burdened, Obligated, Successful, Stressed Martyr, Poor Priorities, Refuses Help
33 Page of Wands Enthusiastic, Adventurous, Inspiring Temperamental, Self-Doubt, Fears the Unknown
34 Knight of Wands Risk Taker, Fun, Passionate, Traveler Reckless, Haste, Impatient, Thoughtless
35 Queen of Wands Creative, Independent, Confident, Beautiful, Friendly,
  Influential, Sexual
Selfish, Self-Centered, Mean, Attention Seeking, Trouble with
36 King of Wands Authentic, Leader, Charismatic, Experienced, Energetic,
  Influential, Proud, Sexual
Fraudulent, Egotistical, Selfish, Temperamental, Raging,
37 Ace of Cups Awakened, Intuitive, Imaginative, New Love Blocked Feelings, Disinterest, Guarded Heart, Insincere
38 Two of Cups Equitable, Loving, Respectful, Sharing, Harmonious Unrelatable, Uneven Relationship, Misunderstanding
39 Three of Cups Friendly, Celebrating, Ritualistic, Fun Excessive Pleasure, Peer Pressure, Lacks Support
40 Four of Cups Withdrawn, Indifferent, Dissatisfied, Bored, Daydreamer Restless, Emotional, Superstitious
41 Five of Cups Sad, Mourning, Dissapointed, Regretful, Suffering Consumed, Recovering, Chronic Illness
42 Six of Cups Kind, Caring, Nostalgic, Child-Like Stuck in the Past, Selective Memory, Letting Go of the Past
43 Seven of Cups Fanastic, Deceptive, Altered Consciousness Uninmaginative, Pragmatic, Ascetic, Hallucinating
44 Eight of Cups Loner, Wanderlust, Quest Foolhardy, Avoidance, Never Satisfied
45 Nine of Cups Content, Overindulgent, Gracious Host Hedonist, Ungrateful, Superficial, Envious
46 Ten of Cups Blessed, Peaceful, Family Separation, Selfishness, Emotional Lack
47 Page of Cups Sensitive, Romantic, Gentle, Kind Immature, Naive, Unintuitive, Disappointing Relationship
48 Knight of Cups Fickle, Looking for Love, Intense, Idealist, Flirt Dramatic, Escapist, Obessive, Overly Sensitive
49 Queen of Cups Empatheic, Receptive, Introspective, Psychic, Motherly Lack of Boundaries, Moody, Vulnerable
50 King of Cups Wise, Mature, Composed, Calm, Healer, Father Jaded, Intense Negative Emotion, Stressed
51 Ace of Swords Epiphany, Intelligent, Communicator Liar, Confused, Obstinate
52 Two of Swords Indecisive, Impartial, Mediator Coercive, No Good Options
53 Three of Swords Sorrowful, Betrayer, Sacrifice Reconciliation, Fight through the Pain, Recovering
54 Four of Swords Restful, Reflective, Vacation Overloaded, Stagnant Thinking, Tired Mind
55 Five of Swords Defeated, Argumentative, Irritable, Feels Attacked Resolute, Apologetic, Mediator
56 Six of Swords Supportive, Mental Healing, Distant Can't Let Go, Isolated, Difficult Transition
57 Seven of Swords Strategic, Deceptive, Breaking Agreements Guilty, Regretful, Ethical Choice
58 Eight of Swords Helpless Thoughts, Limiting Beliefs, Excuses, Victim Mentality Free, Finds the Solution, Reclaiming Personal Power
59 Nine of Swords Worried, Anxious, Insomniac Self-Destructive, Facing their Fear, Serious Trial
60 Ten of Swords Despair, Giving Up, Closure Lost Cause, New Start, Relapse
61 Page of Swords Thoughtful, Curious, Studious Conformist, Malicious, Timid
62 Knight of Swords Revolutionary, Philosopher, Impatient Thoughtless, Spiteful, Foolish
63 Queen of Swords Intelligent, Truthful, Self-Aware, Independent Isolated, Cold, Demanding, Gossip
64 King of Swords Logical, Intelligent, Fair, Authoritative, Assertive, Distant Intimidating, Forceful, Controlling, Callous
65 Ace of Pentacles Opportunist, Investor, Caregiver, Grounded Materialist, Greedy, Unhealthy Choices, Cautious
66 Two of Pentacles Adaptable, Multitasker, Playful Rigid, Late, Overwhelmed
67 Three of Pentacles Helpful, Mentor, Team Player Uncooperative, Harsh, Sloppy
68 Four of Pentacles Stable, Cautious, Protective, Stingy Spendthrift, Hoarding, Reckless
69 Five of Pentacles Insecure, Unstable, Siege Mentality Unsatisfied, New Money, Positive Turn
70 Six of Pentacles Charitable, Generous, Communal Refuses Help, Corrupt, Exploitative
71 Seven of Pentacles Patient, Perceptive, Correcting Buffoon, Mistaken, Ignoring Feedback
72 Eight of Pentacles Meaningful Work, Precise, Committed Unfulfilled, Unskilled, Cuts Corners
73 Nine of Pentacles Luxurious, Self-Sufficient, Disciplined Ascetic, Hollow, Codependent
74 Ten of Pentacles Legacy, Wealthy, Wise Unorthodox, Indebted, Existential
75 Page of Pentacles Practical, Cautious, Studious Distracted, Disorganized, Messy
76 Knight of Pentacles Loyal, Dependable, Hard Working Perfectionist, Uncertain, Panicked
77 Queen of Pentacles Protective, Nurturing, Resourceful, Homemaker, Mother Impractical, Unhealthy, Lazy, Neglectful
78 King of Pentacles Wealthy, Successful, Stubborn, Conservative, Bossy, Father Materialistic, Workaholic, Greedy, Overindulgence, Posessive

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